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In the center of this painting, there is Mt. Fuji. Next to the peak of the mountain, to the left of the painting, there is a crescent moon and clouds. To the bottom right of the painting, there are green hills with trees that have red fall leaves on them. Next to these trees, there is one lone deer looking up to the sky. At the bottom of the Mountain, there is a river.
Hanabusa Itchō
Mt. Fuji in Autumn
1700 – 1732
Gift of Mr. Harold Phillip Stern for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection

Elliott Erwitt
Mt. Fuji and Sign, Mt. Fuji, Japan, from "Recent Developments"
Gift of Lawrence and Carol Zicklin
One of a pair of six-fold screens, this piece depicts mountains, trees, and the coast with boats on the water. The land is to the right with the water on the left. In the background is a faint mountain range. The background is also decorated with gold. The signature is on the far right edge in the middle and is followed by a red seal.
Kanô Sengen
Landscape at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
Painted with ink on paper this is the second pair of six-fold screens (the first being 1988/2.29.1). To the left is a mountainous region with the water on the right. The mountains on the left have a trail that snakes through them and five travelers who walk the path. On the right is the open water with three boats. The two areas meet in the middle, more towards the left, at a rough and rocky coast. On the far left edge is an inscription followed by a red seal. 
Kanô Sengen
Landscape at the foot of Mt. Fuji
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
An album of 28 pages. Cover is brown with a faded image at the center, possibly of leaves on an off-white background. The inside of the album primarily contains hand-written text, though some of the text has faded images in the background, and some of the pages are completely images. The first page depicts a seated man in formal attire. and across from him is a seperate painting of a landscape with green mountains. Other images contained within are of various topics with various colors and styles.
Sakai Hōitsu
Album of Letters and Sketches, with Poet Portrait as frontispiece (28 pages)
1800 – 1828
Museum Purchase