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This Mina'i ware bowl profile fragment features painting in blue, black, white, green, and red over turquoise glaze. Two confronted horesman and conventionalized inscriptions near the rim are the main decorative features.<br /><br />
Iranian (Iranian)
Mina'i ware bowl fragment with confronting equestrian figures
1167 – 1232
Museum Purchase
<br />
This <em>Mina'i </em>plate features seated figures of royalty, probably princes and/or princesses, along with two attendants and birds. There is a stylized inscription on the exterior. The glazed plate features turquoise, cobalt, black, white and brown-red coloring. It is likely a provincial or late <em>Mina'i  </em>style plate from the Seljuk period.<br />
Iranian (Iranian)
1100 – 1299
Museum Purchase
This Mina'i ware bowl fragment displays well preserved base decorations. Five figures, two birds, a tree and a rim of Kufic insciptions float on the interior, while the exterior exhibits alternating red and cobalt symbols. The bowl is made with a pink-tan paste and a glossy all-over glaze. Ivory, red, cobalt, turquoise, black, pink and brown paints are used to create vibrant imagery.
Iranian (Iranian)
Mina'i ware bowl fragment with figures
1167 – 1232
Museum purchase