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Fernando Ramos Prida
Of a World (De un mundo)
Joseph and Mildred Hartsook Collection
At the center of the print a large dark figure sits in a shadow. He is holding a stick that has four small red, horned figures attached to the top. The print is located and signed in the plate (c.l.) "mèxico / 1950 / Isidoro" and editioned in pencil (l.l.) "7/25" and signed and dated in pencil (l.r.) "Isidoro Ocampo/56.".
Isidoro Ocampo (Mexican)
Seller of Judas Effigies
Museum Purchase
A group portrait of three figures shown from the chest up, against a black background. An older man faces forward, in the center, with gray hair and a gray beard. The person to his right faces and stares intently at him. The person to his left appears younger, has tousled hair and gazes off to the side.
Rafael Coronel (Mexican)
1951 – 1987
Joseph and Mildred Hartsook Collection
In this print we see a view of a city from the rooftop. In the foreground, two men standing on a balcony stare out at a city. A tall belltower emerges from the middle and leans to the right. In the background are smaller buildings and clouds fill the sky.
Leopoldo Méndez (Mexican)
Vista de Zaragoza
Museum Purchase

Francisco Dosamantes
Mayan Trio
1911 – 1983
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
This print shows a skeleton riding on the back of a white horse with three figures in robes standing in the background, one of which appears to be fleeing in the opposite direction. A naked child reaches up for one of the figures.
Héctor Xavier (Mexican)
Death Appearing on Horseback
Museum Purchase
At the center-left of this print, a cat is standing at an angle so it is neither in profile or facing the viewer head on. Its tail is long and curled up in a crescent shape. There are cross hatching lines near the cat's feet that suggest it is standing outside in nature and the background is similarly textured a light grey. The print is numbered (l.l.) "9/15" and signed and dated (l.r.) "J Soriano / 54." in pencil.
Juan Soriano (Mexican)
Museum Purchase
This piece is a collage with metal strips, a crushed can, a profile painting of a face on top of stencilled letters, numbers, and dollar sign.
George Vargas
Gift of the artist
In this print, four women in shawls and layers of cloth are positioned on their hands and knees or laying on the ground. All of them are reaching for a small seed, perhaps a kernal of corn. Their bodies span two jagged cracks that split the ground in a small clearing in a field.
Dosamantes, Francis (Mexican)
Gathering Up Kernels
1932 – 1958
Museum Purchase
This work is a black and white lithograph. Central to the image is a woman who is crouching and bent over towards the right. She holds a paddle in her left hand and fabric in her right which fans out before her as she washes it. There is a dark sketchy area behind the woman. Her hair is dark and in two braids which drape back over her shoulders. She appears to be nude.
Jean Charlot (French (culture or style))
Woman Washing
Museum Purchase
In this line drawing, three figures are seated on the ground, in a diagonal row, making hats out of grasses. The first has a large bundle of raw materials, the second appears to be weaving them, and the third, a woman, is holding a nearly finished hat. Behind them is a large pile of hats.
Diego Rivera (Mexican)
Hat Makers
Gift of Mrs. Florence L. Stol
This bright, busy assemblage resembles Mexican folk art. Some elements within it are irridescent glass marbles, shards of glass, three owl figurines, a blue feather, part of a white china plate with a floral design, pieces of brightly colored Mexican terracotta pottery, and a broken W. Goebel "Barnyard Hero" figurine of a boy and duck. All are attached to a blue wooden board.
George Vargas
Children's Garden
Gift of the artist
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