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Three male figures and three camels stand in or near the threshold of a stone portal. The three men face the viewer while the camels are in three-quarter turns facing the left-hand edge of the photograph.
Felix Bonfils (French (culture or style))
Zion Gate, Jerusalem
1867 – 1885
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
The skeleton of a camel lies in the foreground of this photograph, while scattered groupings of figures on camelback dot the desert landscape in the background. 
Pascal Sebah (Turkish (culture or style))
1875 – 1885
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
In this photograph, a group of men sit or stand near two tents along the bank of a wide river. The hills and trees on the opposite bank form the horizon line.
Felix Bonfils (French (culture or style))
Le Jourdain – The Jordan
1867 – 1885
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond