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This is a scene of formally dressed men, women, and serving people scattered around a large room, talking and eating. 
Jules Pascin (American (North American))
The Palace Ball
Museum Purchase
Three plastic long-stemmed red roses wrapped in thick transparent polyethylene, tied with twine, ends stapled
Christo (American (North American);Bulgarian (culture or style))
Wrapped Roses
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Willson
Two women in draped clothing admire themselves in a mirror. A woman in the background irons clothes on an ironing board.
Jules Pascin (American (North American))
Preparation for the Ball
Museum Purchase
A horse-drawn carriage with several attendants is perched on a vertiginously slanted hill. A few coachmen stand nearby, most of whom wear top hats. One man helps a woman in a gown get out of the carriage.
Jules Pascin (American (North American))
The Pumpkin Coach
Museum Purchase
This is a picture of a girl with shoulder-length hair and bangs, and round features. She wears a loose light-colored garment that hangs off her shoulders. She is barefoot and is squatting with her elbows resting on her legs. 
Jules Pascin (American (North American))
Cinderella by the Fire
Museum Purchase
In the foreground of this pastel print, a woman wearing a formal gown holds up her dress as a man in breeches, bends in front of her to help her try on a heeled shoe. There are two women behind her in matching gowns. The women trying on the shoe is quite content, the others all seem to be scowling. 
Jules Pascin (American (North American))
The Glass Slipper
Museum Purchase