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This Luba Kabongo work depicts a half-figure wearing a striated mask, known as a <em>kifwebe</em>. Decorated with kaolin (white clay) and black pigment, the anthropomorphic mask features a round, convex forehead, a vertical ridge running down from the forehead and forming the nose, long, narrow eyes, and, a wide, rectangular mouth. A highly dense fringe of vegetable fiber encircles the wooden face, completing the mask. A shirt stitched of monkey skin covers the figure’s body and existing arm (one arm has broken off); the uncarved hand is exposed and resembles a paddle. Interestingly, the arms have been designed to be movable, suggesting that this may have been used as a puppet.
Luba (Luba (culture or style))
1915 – 1925
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern