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This line drawing in black ink has a large abstract figure at the bottom right that leans back as another figure comes at it from the left, along with a ship-like motif above it. In additon, there is a large abstract form with a tiny wheel above the name "Bulz". An arrow starts from left below the large figure and points down to the lower right corner. The work is dated (u.r) "1921" in pencil and dated, numbered and titled (l.c.) in pen "1921/157 Zeichnung zum Drama der Entweiung".
Paul Klee (Swiss)
Zeichnung zum Drama der Entzweiung
Gift of Nesta Spink in memory of Helen B. Hall
Two tall, rectangular intersecting planes, one black and one white, create the appearance of a tall, minimal structure. Vertical lines of black and white add to the structure, which at its base projects slightly into a rough square shape that seems to delineate a kind of ground or base. The space around the structure is ochre.
László Moholy-Nagy (American (North American))
Construction (Konstruktion)
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A spare and restrained abstract composition is built up out of layers of mostly translucent basic geometric forms. The grey tones of the background are created with large rectangle shapes. In the upper part of the piece is a light colored circle, with a brighter circle inside it. Both are crossed by an axis of bright, thin orange lines. On the left, the point of a triangle protrudes from the edge. It is covered by a faint gray trapezoidal shape. Three small black semi-circles are also visible: one along the lines inside the circles; the other two along the trapezoidal shape and just beneath the triangle.
László Moholy-Nagy (American (North American))
Abstrakte Komposition
1920 – 1930
Museum Purchase