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Featured Collections highlight examples of Exchange resources created by users and UMMA staff. Use these as inspiration and create your own innovative resources and learning collections.

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Activity : Community Development Through Art

A mixed media assemblage consisting of welding goggles, rusted metal, a padlock, and two rusted bells hanging from a chain mounted on a wooden board with screws. The position of the objects, with goggles at the top, makes the assemblage look vaguely face-like.

Activity : Advanced Catalan Language, Culture, and Society

This print depicts a far-off lanscape with mountains in blue, with a dramatic perspectival road coming from the foregound. The middle ground is made up of the white space, flanked by orange land. In the background, above the horizon, there are floating objects that seem to have forests and buildings atop them in green and aqua. In the foreground, there are two figures. One figure, to the left, is in black, green, red, and purple and wears a tunic and a long-feathered hat. The second figure is seated in a sphere at the center, surrounded by mechanisms. Above the sphere is a line drawing of abstract forms with text (mirrored). The print is signed (l.r.) and numbered (l.l.) in pencil.

Doing History with African Objects

Wood-carved, standing male figure 40 inches in height. Its shoulders and torso are impaled with iron blades, nails and fragments. The torso is long, arms at side are bent at elbow and hands rest on lower abdomen. The right wrist wears a bracelet with attachments. The legs are truncated, with twisted metal anklet on right foot. The face is naturalistic, the mouth slightly open, the nose long and narrow with slightly flared nostrils. Eyes are almond shaped, may have had inlay that is now gone. The top of the head shows a tiered, "layer cake like" coiffure. The figure has a long and deep crack down the entire length of its left side, from top of the head to the left ankle.